Remote, real-time access to hotline cases

ServiceNow is BEUMER Group Hotline’s case management system. The portal gives online access to Hotline support information, requests and cases for BEUMER Group customers.

Flexible setup

Operating over a secure browser connection, this portal allows authorised users to track content and see live updates on Hotline cases. By providing access to information at any time, from the customer’s site, ServiceNow can significantly increase both efficiency and productivity.

The ServiceNow portal offers a flexible setup which allows each user to specify how the case overview should be displayed. Users can choose whether to focus on their own cases or to include cases raised by their colleagues or other teams. This provides complete transparency of all cases across all teams.


Automatic notifications

The automatic notification system is setup to let one or more users know of changes to a Hotline case. As the Hotline engineer updates the status of a case the notification is sent directly to the specified users via email. Every stakeholder remains fully informed through real-time updates on every case.

The portal includes an extensive knowledge-base of past and current cases. By searching through all tickets and interactions, the portal can provide users with immediate answers which can avoid the need to call the Hotline.

While ServiceNow does not replace emergency calls to the BEUMER Group Hotline, it helps avoid time on the phone for less urgent cases and adds a new and dynamic communication channel for all Hotline requests. Remote access, real-time notifications and a message-based dialogue with a Hotline engineer ensure faster access to information, delivering an improved user experience.

  • Total transparency across all cases and teams
  • Instant tracking of real-time activity
  • Updates shared to all stakeholders
  • Reduces time spent on Hotline calls
  • Access to Hotline case lifecycle (new, pending, closed)

Our hotline support functions

Our Hotline Support is located in Aarhus, Denmark and Beckum, Germany and manages more than 500 Hotline contracts. Its service includes more than 1,100 industrial products within the four core areas conveying and loading, palletising and packaging, sortation and distribution and resolves more than 5,000 cases every year. Furthermore it is always available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.