Proactive IT Inspection
A BEUMER Group hotline service

Proactive inspection of the software and hardware used to control sorting systems is vital for ensuring enhanced system availability

Minimise downtime and extend hardware lifetime

Proactive IT Inspection is a detailed on-site audit which checks and cleans all servers and workstations supplied by BEUMER Group.

Carried out on the customer’s premises, the Proactive IT Inspections are based on a certified BEUMER Group checklist of tasks and procedures. During inspection, the systems are meticulously checked for potential risks which could affect system availability and performance, enabling customers to minimise downtime and extend the lifetime of their hardware. These risks include unexpected wear on a hard disk, impaired performance due to a dirty environment and the iden-
tification and management of malicious software such as viruses and worms.

After inspection, each piece of equipment is marked with a BEUMER Group inspection label and a comprehensive inspection report detailing its condition is sent to the customer. The report includes recommendations for minimising potential risks in the future based on the issues identified during the Proactive IT Inspection.


  • Enhances system availability
  • Extends the lifetime of hardware
  • Minimises unplanned downtime
  • Provides safe backup storage
  • Produces detailed reports and recommendations

Our hotline support functions

Our Hotline Support is located in Aarhus, Denmark and Beckum, Germany and manages more than 500 Hotline contracts. Its service includes more than 1,100 industrial products within the four core areas conveying and loading, palletising and packaging, sortation and distribution and resolves more than 5,000 cases every year. Furthermore it is always available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.