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Rotary filling machines

In case of high throughput rates, the BEUMER Group rotary filling machines can turn on their full power: they can fill up to 6,000 bags per hour, in a clean, precise and reliable way.

Filling system for the cement industry

As requirements and material characteristics change depending on the field of application, the construction series include turbine filling machines as well as air filling machines. The turbine filling machines are ideal for free-flowing, fine-grain products such as cement, lime or various types of gypsum. Air filling machines are used for pourable coarse-grained products with particle sizes up to 16 millimetres, e.g. mortar, screed or dry concrete.


BEUMER fillpac® RH/RV

With up to 16 filling modules, the BEUMER fillpac® RH/RV can fill up to 240 tons of fine-grain materials per hour into diverse bag types. The innovative BEUMER bag placer® that reliably prepares HDPE bags prior to the filling process makes BEUMER Group one of the leading manufacturers of fully-automated filling technology.

Technologically, the system features a compact rotor design that still allows for fast filling of the bags and maximum material throughput. The bag weight adjustment, which automatically adjusts the weight of the next bag, ensures precise results. The vertically mounted three-position cylinder opens and closes outside of the dirty area, so it remains protected from dust minimising wear and tear and increasing service life. Maintenance costs are also reduced because the bag discharge cylinder is positioned in the dust-free area.

Customer Support for the Cement Industry

Competent engineering, fast and reliable on-site service as well as optimal spare parts supply round out our offering and ensure high reliability of the systems.

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