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Modernisations is a dedicated business area within BEUMER Group, ensuring that your system is enhanced with the latest technologies and products and upgraded to meet your current and future needs. Consequently, your business has the leading edge at all times.

Whether you require modernisation of equipment supplied by us or a third-party, we will support you. Our team of highly-skilled engineers and project managers can recommend, specify and implement upgrades and enhancements. Updated systems enable continuous support of software and hardware and lead to a prolonged system lifetime.

Upgrades and enhancements cover:


  • Hardware upgrade
  • Software upgrade
  • Capacity enhancement
  • Enhanced grade of automation
  • Extensions and new system functionalities
  • System upgrade and refurbishment

Our regional service manager will be your partner to advise about new products, enhancements and upgrades supported by BEUMER Group specialists. Furthermore, we will review the performance of your system in close co-operation with you to make sure that it meets your future needs.

System performance reviewing

By carefully considering your specific needs, we review your system performance to identify any gaps or bottlenecks and improve operational production efficiency. We ensure that systems live up to current requirements in terms of capacity, throughput and administrative demands. Your systems will be checked with regards to the latest standards of mechanical and electrical parts. Our specific activities also include advice from our skilled engineers on upgrade ideas and solutions, tailoring them to fit your system requirements.

System engineering

Based on initial feasibility studies, in co-operation with you, we create a solution which complies with your changing demands in terms of productivity, cost efficiency and flexibility. We suggest possible upgrades to your system, based on our latest developments and experience: No matter of the age of your system, our experienced engineers will provide the right solution for your needs.

Project execution

Our dedicated project managers in the field of modernisations have knowledge and experience in working with operational systems. Working with your operational staff, we ensure that the enhancement is implemented without disturbing your daily production. We achieve this through meticulous planning, risk management, thorough testing and close co-operation with all parties. This means we will hand your enhanced system back to you for immediate start and ready for the future.

Project execution is always performed in accordance with our high standards for project management. We rely on the well-known Stage Gate® Model for project planning and execution, and we utilize both on- and off-site coordination. Risk management is one of our top priorities as we manage production and suppliers and coordinate the installation and commissioning phases. Finally, we perform acceptance testing based on your requirements, and continue to update documentation throughout the lifecycle of your equipment.

  • Optimal utilisation of your system
  • Leading edge technology
  • Performance according to latest demands and standards
  • Enhanced system lifetime

We are there for you!

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