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Early Baggage Storage in lanes

Storing early baggage in lanes improves the overall efficiency of a baggage handling system, as it enables the flow of the baggage to maintain a steady state.

Line up the EBS in lanes

Lane storage in a CrisBag system offers on of the highest baggage retrieval rates and can even be used for batch build and speed loading of baggage to optimise the make-up process.

The EBS works as a baggage warehouse/hotel for long time storage and although stored in lanes, the system still offers random access to single items of baggage which is made possible with internal circulation.


  • Dense packing in line configuration saves floor space
  • Batch-building for speed loading
  • Low storage cost per bag
  • High-speed storage and retrieval
  • Easy access for bag clearance and maintenance
CrisBag - the modular tote-based system with integrated EBS

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