Robotic palletising of building materials

The BEUMER robotpac® product line palletises and depalletises widely differing packaging units with the aid of specially conceived handling arms. Our adaptation control ensures user-friendly operation and flexible adaptation to changing application demands. Even complex processes with varying basic parameters are handled reliably and economically.

Innovative palletising technology

The BEUMER robotpac® palletises and depalletises various types of packages using specifically developed gripper elements. The BEUMER interface control ensures a user-friendly handling, as well as a flexible adjustment to changing conditions of use. Even complex processes with varying basic parameters can be solved in a reliable and efficient way.

BEUMER robotpac® systems feature energy efficiency and maximum accuracy when the layers are formed on pallets. They are also suitable for bagged products and can be reconfigured very easily for frequent product changes.


  • Up to 1,900 units per hour, depending on the model
  • Exchangeable grippers for picking up various packaged goods
  • Simple change of the packing pattern

Flexible with different grippers

BEUMER robotpac® systems can be equipped with different grippers. This ensures high flexibility. You can palletise different sized load units on the same pallet using gripping systems that can stack packages from above into available gaps.

  • Fork gripper
  • Double fork gripper
  • Finger gripper
  • Double finger gripper
  • Pallet gripping device
  • Suction gripper
  • Parallel gripper
  • Special gripper

Customer Support for the Building Materials Industry

Competent engineering, fast and reliable on-site service as well as optimal spare parts supply round out our offering and ensure high reliability of the systems.

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Do you have any questions?

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