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Belt apron conveyors to move hot material

The belt apron conveyor makes it possible to transport hot materials safely and economically at angles of incline of up to 60° and at speeds of up to 0.6 m/s with no need for special features. The conveyor system is highly heatresistant. It is based on tried-and-true belt technology as used in the bucket elevators: the steel cells are attached by screws to a wear-resistant longlife steel cable, enabling transport capacities of up to 1,300 m³/h.

Faster and even more efficient transport

Our belt apron conveyors help to optimally fulfil the requirements when transporting hot material, for example clinker, behind the rotary kiln. Additionally, these conveyors provide reduced capital costs, low maintenance costs and a long service life.

Hot capacity with peak values

The belt apron conveyors are able to convey hot materials, as for example clinker, with angles of inclination of up to 60° without particular measures, at a speed of up to 0.6 m/s in safe and efficient way. The systems withstand extreme heat and may reach conveying capacities of up to 1,540 m3/h.


Cost benefits with steel wire belts

The narrow and weight-reduced design of the belt apron conveyors reduces the steel structure and freight costs. Furthermore, the minor net weight lowers the static and dynamic loads which, for example, affect the clinker silo. Within the framework of a new construction project, the silo can be dimensioned to a more restricted load and thus the construction costs can be reduced. The lightweight design also lowers operational costs. The use of the durable BEUMER steel wire belt instead of a chain lowers the maintenance costs, extends maintenance intervals and saves the lubrication.

Minimised wear and tear thanks to efficient technology

Belt apron conveyors are based on fieldproven BEUMER belts as used in our bucket elevators: The cells are bolted on a low-wear, durable steel wire belt. The fastening bolts are not in contact with the transported material, since they are located in a special profile below the cell. This prevents the heat from penetrating to the belt.

Quiet operation for higher productivity

The high smooth running of the belt apron conveyors considerably minimises the noise emissions, and is perceived by the human ear as less than half as loud as conventional apron conveyors with chain. This reduces the noise level and spares employees, environment and the surrounding area.

  • Conveying capacities up to 1,540 m3/h
  • Cell widths reaching between 500 mm and 1,600 mm
  • Centre distances exceeding 250 m are possible
  • Reduced investment costs
  • Long service life of the belt
  • Low noise emission

Customer Support for the Cement Industry

Competent engineering, fast and reliable on-site service as well as optimal spare parts supply round out our offering and ensure high reliability of the systems.

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