asked Questions

1. When should I apply?

Ideally, you should apply during the summer months, one year before you intend to start your training. That is because the selection process begins in August/September of the year before training begins.

2. Should I apply in writing or online?

The fastest way to apply is online, and this is what we prefer.

3. How do I apply online?

The online application process will guide you through these steps. You will be shown several screens where you have to enter information. In addition, you will get a chance to submit files in various formats.

4. What documents should I include with my application?

At the very least, we need your school-leaving certificate for the highest level achieved and your two most recent annual grade reports. To give your application more substance, you should also supply a cover letter, curriculum vitae and photo as files.
Other attachments: Include whatever helps us to learn more about you, for example volunteer work, special knowledge, participation in competitions, etc.

5. What grades are important?

Good grades are not everything, but they give you a better chance of being invited to take part in the selection process.
We do not demand a certain grade average, but we do pay special attention to the subjects that are important for your future training.

Example: Construction mechanic
For this occupation you will need good skills in mathematics, familiarity with technical subjects and an ability to think in three dimensions.
The secondary subjects that you have taken in school will show us your other areas of knowledge and interest.

6. How does the selection process work?

First we make a preliminary selection based on the applications. We invite these applicants to an admission test (only technical apprenticeship).
Our tests include questions on the following subjects:
Mathematics, ability to understand technical problems and knowledge of electricity.

When the tests have been evaluated, the most suitable applicants will be invited for interviews.

In these interviews we will ask you about your motivation and your suitability for the training you have chosen. We will also try to learn more about you in general. The best way to prepare is to ask yourself what makes you interesting to us. Also think about questions that you want to ask us.

7. When will the selection process take place?

It will start in August/September of the year before you begin your training. As a rule, the process is completed by Christmas.

8. Can I complete my schooling during technical training?

In Germany it is possible to obtain an intermediate school certificate by attending part-time vocational school. In every subject area it is also possible to qualify for study at a university of applied sciences.

9. What pay do I receive during training?

1st year: EUR 980.56
2nd year: EUR 1029.38
3rd year: EUR 1101.92
4th year: EUR 1197.18
Effective May 2018

10. What is also interesting to me?

Trainees attend vocation school on one to two days each week.
Each trainee at BEUMER Group is entitled to 30 days of vacation per year.

The training program comprises 35 hours per week.