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Roller Screens

FAM designed roller screens are sifting machines whose separation area consists of individual motorized shafts rotating in the same direction. The shafts are furnished with curved triangular or round discs which are mounted eccentrically.

The material movement pattern and the arrangement of the rolls ensure a gently rolling throughput of the product. Loamy, sticky adhesions to the coarse material are separated and screened together with the end product.

Ideal for difficult sifting applications

The roller screens are ideal for difficult sifting applications, especially in case of hard to screen raw materials (coarse, moist, clumpy, sticky, etc.).

Our roller screens are primarily deployed in coal fired power plants for pre-screening and crusher relief, as well as for separation or control screening after crushing.

They are also used for pre-screening of overburden and natural rocks, whilst making the flow of materials to the downstream crushers more homogenized and even.


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