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The CrisStore® rack-based baggage storage system enhances baggage handling capacity, accuracy, and security for airports of all sizes.The early baggage storage system can serve as a dynamic and Early Baggage Storage (EBS) system, facilitating a swift and efficient make-up process by use of a batch building process.

When a sufficient number of bags for a batch available, the bags can be called from CrisStore and sorted to buffer lines, before being speed-loaded – through the use of the Baggage Manipulator, for example – into a ULD or baggage cart.

Early Baggage Storage Facility
Early Baggage Storage System

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EBS efficiency in racks

A rack-based EBS design allows airports to increase the efficiency of their early baggage storage system.

The dynamic CrisStore system integrates with the CrisBag baggage handling system to let airports offer more flexible check-in and make-up loading times whilst also improving EBS security.

The use of CrisStore increases both the speed and transfer accuracy of baggage to the make-up area with the 100% tracking and traceability of baggage in totes.

The compact storage footprint is not the only space efficiency, it can optimise the baggage process even further downstream as the dynamic storage also paves the way for batch building and speed loading of baggage to optimise the space and use of the airport’s make-up area.

Features - Early Baggage Storage System

  • Dense packing and back-to-back rack configuration saves floor space
  • Batch-building for speed loading
  • Low storage cost per bag
  • High-speed storage and retrieval
  • Energy-saving operation reduces costs
  • Easy access for bag clearance and maintenance
  • Gentle baggage handling and storage with high level of redundancy

WHY CHOOSE THE CrisStore® Baggage Storage System?


The adaptable design of the CrisStore® baggage storage system allows for easy customisation to optimise the use of available floor space and headroom in theairport terminal. A clever system layout makes sure to utilise the least-attractive real estate in airport terminals for dynamic storage and – if applying batch building – also reduces the overall space needed in the make-up area,

Whether it’s for regional airports or major international hubs, the CrisStore® modules can be combined to meet varying capacity needs. It is the only rack-based baggage storage system of its kind capable of fitting into buildings with bag room heights reduced to as low as 3 meters.

Enhanced Redundancy

Optimal system reliability and availability are ensured through the use of multiple storage modules. By dynamically allocating baggage between several modules, the baggage storage system maintains its peak performance and storage utilisation. In the event of manual fallback operation, the controls system provides local inventory tracing. 

Minimal Maintenance

With its minimal moving parts, the system requires little maintenance. Both the rack and the mini-loader are designed to enable operators to swiftly perform routine maintenance tasks.

Versatile Storage Modules

Each CrisStore module comprises a racking system and one mini-loader, offering 80-320 storage positions depending on system requirements. The rack profile matches the tote sizes utilised in any CrisBag®system, while the shelf height is adjustable to accommodate the airport’s specific bag specifications and baggage handling system capability.

High Capacity and Space Efficiency

Stackable up to four modules high, the CrisStore baggage storage system minimises the overall storage footprint. Each module boasts an impressive infeed and output capacity of 100-200 bags per hour, ensuring both high capacity and space efficiency.

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