Bucket Elevators for
the Mining Industry

The use of belt bucket elevators use is becoming increasingly common, because they offer many advantages compared to chain bucket elevators. The BEUMER steel wire belts, for example, allow considerably longer lifetime than chains.

BEUMER central chain bucket elevators are used, when the material temperature of the bulk material to be transported permanently exceeds 130 °C.

The belt is the key component of the belt bucket elevator. As a market leader, BEUMER Group has developed highly strong steel wire belts with wire-free zones for the bucket fixing.

For an even distribution of the retention forces, the buckets are mounted with forged segment fastening. This mind of fixing is reliable in preventing the buckets from getting loose. Additional rubber plattes between bucket and belt reinforce the bucket/belt connection.

At a glance:

  • Conveying heights > 175 m are feasible
  • Conveying capacities up to > 1,800 m3/h
  • Maximum wear resistance even with highly abrasive materials
  • ATEX versions are available