IT and

The BEUMER Group Software Suite enables monitoring and control of the material handling system to ensure optimum availability and efficiency at all times. Each of the control modules in the Software Suite is based on the robust, field-proven IT architecture which has been continually evolved by BEUMER Group over the past 20 years. The software provides control of the material flow from the moment that it enters the system until it is ready for despatch.

BEUMER Group Software Suite features:

  • Intuitive graphical user interface with customisable user profiles
  • Seamless integration with WMS and peripheral systems
  • Remote web-based access from RF devices, tablets and smart phones
  • Personalised virtual desktops using widget-based data
  • Integrates barcode scanners, RFID, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or Video Coding Systems (VCS)
  • Complete off-site system emulation prior to installation