film packaging

Weatherproof packaging for high-level product protection

The new BEUMER bag-in-bag® is the ideal addition to existing filling and packaging systems. This procedure permits packaging paper bags after filling – either individually or in multiples – quickly and reliably in a weather-resistant plastic film. This ensures that your products are perfectly protected against moisture, dust, insect infestation and other environmental factors when they are transported or stored.


  • Environmentally friendly production
  • Use of thin films for optimised material utilisation
  • Weather resistance for high-level product protection
  • Simple retrofitting of existing systems
  • Can be individually combined with existing filling systems for optimum flexibility
  • Increased filling capacity

Environmentally friendly packaging method

The impermeable film packaging prevents material release from filled bags. This protects the environment and prevents product loss. Since the film layer is processed separately from the paper layer by the BEUMER bag-in-bag®, composite materials can be dispensed with in the bags used. This is not only good for the environment, but also makes packaging disposal easier.

Technical data

  • Performance: up to 800 bags/hour
  • Film thickness from 30 to 100 µm
  • Packaged product length up to 8 m
  • Product circumference from 600 to approx. 5,600 mm

Uncomplicated and cost-effective filling

The use of outer film packaging removes the need for an intermediate PE layer in the paper bags – this not only saves on materials and costs but also increases filling performance.

Thinner films of 30 - 100 µm can be used, resulting in both lower film costs and lower plastic consumption. Moreover, there is frequently no need for ultrasonic sealing thanks to the functional reliability of the highly efficient BEUMER bag-in-bag® method.

Packaging in various dimensions

The BEUMER bag-in-bag®, which we are offering to our customers in cooperation with Tentoma, is highly flexible. It can be used for goods with maximum packaged product lengths of up to 8 m and product circumferences between 600 mm and approx. 5,600 mm. This method is therefore suitable for packaging long goods, insulation materials, logistics products, consumer goods, suitcases and many other types of products.

Flexible integration in existing machinery

The BEUMER bag-in-bag® can be seamlessly integrated into existing processes: The procedure can be used in existing feeding lines, where it forms an ideal complement to BEUMER fillpac® filling machines and BEUMER paletpac® high-level palletisers. Bagging, film packaging and palletising thus form a simple, seamless process within a continual production line. It requires neither cost-intensive re-equipping nor a change of the filling machine. The BEUMER bag-in-bag® solution is suitable for filling machines with an output of up to 800 bags per hour.

Three applications – one system

Thanks to its great flexibility, the BEUMER bag-in-bag® is suitable for three different applications: as a semi-automatic standalone solution, a fully automated depalletising, packaging and palletising line, or an integrated solution where the BEUMER bag-in-bag® can be selected individually. This allows adaptable system installation based on individual customer requirements.