BG Line Sorter

Next-Generation Line Sorter Technology

The BG Line Sorter sets new benchmarks for mid-size-volume material handling by combining the simplicity of a line sorter with the handling capabilities of a high-speed cross-belt sorter.

The introduction of BEUMER Group’s unique slat-belt technology enables the BG Line Sorter to extend the handling mix by sorting the widest possible range of items whilst its modular design provides the flexibility to optimise the use of space and ensure the scalability to support future growth.


  • Active slat-belt technology handling polybags, parcels, flats, totes, sacks, sealed bags, fragile and high-friction items
  • Capacity: 1,500-10,000 items/hour
  • Maximum item width: 800 mm (32”)
  • Maximum item length: 1500 mm (59“)
  • Maximum item weight: 25 kilos (55 lbs) single belt, 50 kilos (110 lbs) if occupying multiple belts


  • Modular design with high space efficiency and scalability
  • Reliable and precise sortation across the widest mix of item shapes and sizes
  • Easy installation with the scalability to meet future changes in capacity
  • Low-friction components ensure endurance and high system availability
  • Lower maintenance costs than conventional line sorters