BEUMER fillpac® RH/RV
Rotary filling

Turbine filling machine for high throughput

Whether cement, limestone or diverse types of plaster– the high-performance BEUMER fillpac® RH/ RV rotary impeller filling system cleanly, accurately and reliably fills up to 260 tonnes of finegrained materials per hour into various bag sizes. Bags with a length of up to 800 mm can now also be filled. A high-performance drive increases the availability of the turbine filling machines. Even materials which are difficult can be reliably processed. The new design improves the material flow through the filling spouts.


  • Filling of various bag variants with a length of up to 800 mm
  • Optimised material flow thanks to high-performance filling impeller drives
  • Simple set-up and reproducible nozzle adjustment
  • Service-friendly accessibility and simple retrofitting and conversion thanks to true modularity
  • Accurate filling thanks to tried and tested weighing technology
  • Simple, intuitive operation via HMI (Human Machine Interface)

Designed for easy handling

Thanks to their sophisticated design, the optimised BEUMER fillpac® RH/RV can be dismantled into shipping units which are easy to transport and can be quickly re-assembled. The few settings required on the filling module can easily be transferred onto other modules. A product change can therefore also be quickly implemented. Furthermore, the modular machine set-up simplifies access to the components, for example to the filling impeller drive which is installed outside instead of inside the machine. Settings can be directly undertaken on the cylinder of the tilt frame. This not only simplifies the configuration of the system, but also the maintenance and service effort involved.

More flexibility thanks to modularity

Thanks to the modular machine set-up of the BEUMER fillpac® RH/RV turbine filling machine, special functions such as an ultrasonic sealing unit and an automatic saddle height adjustment can be retrofitted at any time. A change from a horizontal to a vertical filling impeller and a change of slide plates are also easily carried out. The filling module can be easily and quickly removed for maintenance purposes, after which production can be continued. Furthermore, all actuators are provided with connectors, which simplifies and accelerates replacements of the actuators and sensors.

High precision thanks to proven weighing technology

The tried and tested SIWAREX weighing technology by Siemens ensures accurate filling. The use of this high-quality, standard component guarantees quick availability worldwide in case of maintenance requirements. It is controlled via a PLC and enables permanent feedback of the process data from the weighing mechanism.

Attractive options for expansion

In order to seal the bags and therefore to prevent scatter loss of the filling material and increase the storage capability, the BEUMER fillpac® can be equipped with an ultrasonic closure unit. The mechanical self-holding function on this unit ensures that the head maintains its elevated position even in case of cylinder leakage. A further option is the saddle height adjustment with integrated sensors. This can simply be retrofitted and replaced, and no adjustment work is necessary. A connecting rod pointing downwards prevents dust depositions.

Efficient work procedures thanks to simple operation

The BEUMER fillpac® RH/RV turbine filling machine can be easily, quickly and reliably controlled and operated via an ergonomic, 12-inch BEUMER Group HMI using five-wire touch technology. This optimised user interface and navigation with an easily-comprehensible and intuitive interaction concept increases the efficiency of the work procedures.

Technical data

  • Number of modules: Up to 16
  • Output: Up to 260 tonnes and 6,000 bags per hour
  • Bag lengths: 350 – 800 mm
  • Flat valve or valve bottom bags made from paper, HDPE or PP
  • Weighing technology: Siemens SIWAREX
  • HMI: 12-inch, with five-wire touch technology