Our employees
are most important.

BEUMER Corporate Culture

"I am convinced that trust produces greater motivation than pressure, that a feeling of security liberates new energy in employees, and that long-term success is more important than short-term profits."

Dr. Christoph Beumer, Chairman and CEO

What do business success and growth have to do with corporate culture? The answer is simple: Without a healthy corporate culture and dedicated employees, no company can succeed. The culture at BEUMER Group is based on a number of factors that we consider essential in everyday working life: trust, fairness and, most importantly, open communication. For us, our employees are what is most important.

We're not just "family-run" in the sense that the third generation, represented by Dr. Christoph Beumer, is now in charge. Many generations of employee families have also worked at BEUMER Group and left their mark on the company. And many employees have celebrated anniversaries - 25, 40 and even 50 years - demonstrating their close attachment to the company.

We offer a working environment that challenges our employees and gives them a chance to advance their careers while developing at the personal level. We help them in this by providing regular training. To promote young talents, we offer training in a wide range of occupations as well as an international graduate programme which allows each person to demonstrate his or her potential. When we hire new employees, we give them intensive introductory training.

With its family atmosphere that engenders trust and involves everyone in decisions, coupled with its international vision, BEUMER Group inspires employees to deliver their very best performance and create products of superior quality.