Tire handling
made different

Using advanced automated material handling technology within the production process could unlock significant savings in energy and operational efficiency for tire manufacturers.

In a transformational rethink of the tire production value chain, manual handling of tires is replaced with a fully automated Crisplant Tire Tray System, ensuring the safe transportation and end-to-end tracking of each tire through every stage of the production process.

Throughout the complete green tire building process items are gently handled with full consideration for their delicate material and tires are kept in their allocated trays, even during storage, to reduce contact and possible damage.

By using the Tire Tray System space is also optimized with elevated storage, sortation and conveyors which minimize the use of floor space.

Fully integrated into the Tire Tray System, the LS-4000CB cross-belt loop sorter provides high-speed sortation of cured tires. Developed by Crisplant, this technology reduces carbon dioxide emissions, cuts energy consumption by 75% compared to sorters using conventional motor technologies and features full integration to conventional conveyor systems.


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