Packaging Solutions

All BEUMER packaging systems work based on the 3P™ principle, which intelligently ensures sustainability for end-of-line delivery. Our systems thus flexibly cover a comprehensive range of solutions for the protection of palletised load units – from weatherproofing to transport packaging and much more.

Complete packaging portfolio

End-of-line packaging plays a critical role in protecting your products. That is why BEUMER’s full range of packaging systems have been designed for high quality end-of-line packaging results, cost control and operational predictability.

Our powerful packaging systems combine the latest technology, highly advanced functional modules, and a unique film handling system that efficiently meets the diverse demands that packaging products for shipment entails.

BEUMER stretch hood® M

The BEUMER stretch hood® M is a fully automatic stretch hood system that is deployed in large-scale lines with high output rates. Operating at a speed of up to 140 stacks per hour, it is the fastest packaging system of the BEUMER stretch hood® series. Designed for maximum flexibility, the BEUMER stretch hood® M can process a large number of different stack formats with heights up to 2.4 m and is compatible with film thicknesses from 40 to 200 μm.

BEUMER stretch hood® S

The BEUMER stretch hood® S is a fully automatic stretch hood system for single-format applications with a constant stack size, such as for Euro pallets. Efficient, reliable, and robust, the BEUMER stretch hood® S is capable of up to 110 stacks per hour. Compared to shrink systems, it saves energy and costs.


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