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BEUMER Packaging Technology
Surely the ideal protection.

The various BEUMER Group packaging systems offer the chemical industry solutions for the protection of palletized load units. Whether it's just weather protection that is required or full transport protection, we will work with you to select the process best suited to securing your load units, while taking into account the overall logistics concept involved.

Stretch, shrink, wrap - the choice is yours.

The BEUMER stretch hood® is the innovative packaging system for the optimum protection of palletized load units. This powerful packaging machine combines the latest control technology, highly advanced functional modules and a unique film handling system, thus, practically and efficiently meeting the diverse demands that arise when packaging products ready for shipment. A side-folded tube is used to make a hood corresponding to the height of the package stack. Before covering, the elastic film is stretched far enough to allow it to be drawn right over the stack, and such that it lies close to the package afterwards.

BEUMER paketpac® - the palletless packaging system BEUMER paketpac® utilises the flat film or counter-hood method. The counter-hood method employs a flat film to reinforce the package base, and a shrinking hood and subsequent counter-hood for the optimised protection of the load units.


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