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BEUMER Conveying Technology
Conveying equipment for chemical products. Efficient and safe.

Chemical products, such as granulates and fertilisers, have to be filled and sealed in special bags or other forms of packaging such as big bags and octabins, then conveyed safely and correctly - to places such as palletizing and packaging stations, warehouses or dispatch departments.
Using our comprehensive expertise in the fields of conveying, palletizing and packaging, we develop tailor-made solutions for every task in the chemical industry.

BEUMER Group roller and pallet conveyor systems for the transport of sensitive products.

BEUMER Group roller and pallet conveyor systems are ideally suited to the transport of sensitive, high-value products. High volumes and weights are no obstacle, nor are the various forms of packaging and materials. Drive elements with frequency converters mean that our systems can always be started up and shut down gently, as the products require - adapted exactly to whatever processing stage is involved.

Only the good get through.

The goods pass through two monitoring stations to ensure that only faultless examples reach their objective. A metal detector checks whether there are any metal objects in the bags. For this, the bags are conveyed on an electrically and magnetically non-conductive belt through a detector coil - but without touching it. A "check weigher" then compares the actual weight with the target weight. Contaminated products and units with the wrong weight are rejected. All the rest is labelled with the relevant product designation (e.g. date and batch) using an inkjet printer.


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