Products and systems
for the cement industry

Economical transport of bulk goods

Every transportation scenario is different: it may involve moving coarse-grained material through rugged terrain from the quarry to the factory grounds, or hot materials from a kiln cooling system to a silo. However, all of these applications have one thing in common: when it comes to economical transport, BEUMER Group provides the ideal solution.

We have a long history of supplying transportation solutions for bulk or piece goods and hot materials of all kinds. The wealth of experience that we have gained from projects worldwide and in a broad range of industries enables us not only to offer economical plans but also to refine them, consistently and continuously. This ensures that our customers are always able to perform their transportation tasks economically, sustainably and with an eye to the environment.

Long distances, great heights, rough terrain, non-standard products – BEUMER Group treats the individual needs of its customers as its own and develops the ideal transportation plan for each individual application. We can draw on a whole series of tried and true systems that our engineering team can turn into tailor-made transport solutions based on its wealth of expertise and experience. BEUMER Group is also on hand for its customers at any time when it comes to operation, service and long-term improvement strategies, because we always focus on good customer support.

Powerful filling technology

As an expert in filling technology, BEUMER Group is the reliable partner you need. In the chemicals industry or for building materials: BEUMER systems fill reliably, carefully and sustainably and prepare fillable products from all industries for bagging. Processes that work perfectly together guarantee powerful performance at all times. BEUMER Group stands for accurate engineering – driven by visions, realised with precision.

BEUMER Group offers filling systems for all sorts of different requirements: Depending on the bulk weight, flow behaviour and grain distribution of the products, we supply customers worldwide with an individually tailored filling system for maximum throughput. Low purchase costs, a high rate of parts availability and ease of maintenance ensure optimum efficiency and an excellent performance for almost all materials.

Precise palletising technology

For over 30 years, BEUMER Group has designed and developed innovative palletising technology for a wide variety of products. Whether for the building materials and cement industries, the chemical industry, or the food and beverage and animal feed industry – BEUMER palletisers feature first-class stack quality and a high level of reliability.

To be able to survive in international competition, companies need high-capacity palletisers that guarantee long service lives even under extreme loads.

BEUMER palletising technology is individually tailored to a company’s specific requirements and wishes, and takes into account the product characteristics of the individual packaged goods as well as the desired packing patterns and pallet dimensions. With palletising systems from BEUMER Group, all packaging units are handled gently and palletised optimally. The perfect appearance of the palletised load units ensures safe transport and a positive response from the recipient.

With the BEUMER robotpac® and BEUMER paletpac® product lines, BEUMER Group offers a versatile, comprehensive product range to meet the wide variety of requirements. Thanks to their modular design, individual machines can be simply and quickly adapted if higher performance is required.

Modern packaging technology

The efficient and safe packaging of products is a big cross-industry challenge successfully mastered by BEUMER Group through long years of engagement and experience. Irrespective of the application, be it in chemical, building materials or food and beverage industry, BEUMER Group equipment and solutions make reliable and sustainable packaging of any product possible.

Films help to protect palletised goods from inclement weather, tampering and incidents. Each of the numerous film packaging technologies has its advantages and is particularly suited for certain applications. That’s why BEUMER Group offers comprehensive solutions for all common packaging methods.


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