BEUMER Group palletising
technology: Fast, careful
and secure packing.

Stacked in your favour.

When it comes to the palletising of widely varying load units in the building materials industry, the numerous loading requirements demand a versatile and comprehensive product range. BEUMER Group provides the solutions for safe and secure transportation with their BEUMER robotpac® and BEUMER paletpac® product lines. The range is complemented by a multitude of additional components, for example, for the transportation of packages, full and empty pallets, for labelling and special functions.

High-tech for individualised solutions.

The machine and system software is programmed by specialists who know precisely what individual customers require for palletising their specific materials. Painstaking handling of each packaging unit and perfect stacking of palletised load units guarantee safe and secure transportation and positive feedback at the receiving end.

Stacks of convincing economical solutions.

The BEUMER robotpac® product line palletises and depalletises widely differing packaging units with the aid of specially conceived handling arms. BEUMER Group's adaptation control ensures user-friendly operation and flexible adaptation to changing application demands. Even complex processes with varying basic parameters are handled reliably and economically.
The BEUMER paletpac® systems provide convincing solutions for every situation. They are characterised by excellent stacking quality and extreme reliability, and are constantly updated to meet rapidly changing market requirements. A system for customers who know that only the best is good enough.

At a glance - BEUMER Group palletising technology:

  • Palletising robot
  • High-capacity palletiser in modular design
  • Depalletising installations and pallettransport installations