Lifting Table

BEUMER Baggage Lifting Table

The Baggage Lifting Table has been developed to eliminate the manual lifting of bags over the safety end stop at the end of baggage chutes in the airport. It delivers bags to the operator at an ergonomic working height.

As a bag arrives from the chute, the operator presses a pushbutton to lower the table. The bag slides onto the table, and another press of the pushbutton raises it again to an ergonomic working height. The next bags are held back on the chute by the safety end stop, which follows the table up and down. The operator is now able to pull the bag onto a baggage loader.

The heavy manual lifting of bags is replaced with a gentle sliding action, which minimises the risk of injury to the operator and reduces the risk of damage to baggage. The Baggage Lifting Table can also be used in conjunction with the Baggage Loader to allow operators to safely transfer bags in the airport from chutes and into a ULD or other container.

  • Eliminates the need to lift bags over chute safety stops
  • Adjustable table height using simple pushbutton control
  • Easily operated by one person
  • Suitable for all chute ends

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