Container Unloader

The Automated Container Unloader is a fully automated system for unloading bags in the airport from ULDs with minimal operator intervention.

The Automated Container Unloader is developed to virtually eliminate manual handling of baggage out of the ULD. It is capable of increasing the efficiency, throughput and security of the baggage handling process in the airport, in addition to minimising manpower and cost.

The risk of baggage being lost or misplaced through human error is significantly reduced, as the Automated Container Unloader requires a much smaller team of operators compared to manual unloading. This improves the incident rate (IR) and the quality of the baggage handling system, in addition to increasing airport security by minimising human contact with the bags.

  • High-efficiency ULD unloading
  • Fully automated system with minimal operator intervention
  • Unloads up to 24 ULDs per hour
  • Suitable for unloading a range of ULDs
  • Capable of handling heavy baggage

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