BEUMER Airport Baggage Handling Systems

CrisBag® – high speed
baggage transport
and sortation system

CrisBag® is a best-in-class tote-based baggage transport and sortation system.
Each item of baggage remains in the same individually-controlled tote throughout the complete baggage handling process from check-in to early baggage storage (EBS), in-tote screening and transport to discharge. This enables CrisBag to deliver 100% tracking and traceability at every stage of the baggage handling process. Innovative features, such as an adaptive tilt mechanism and a gearless drive system, help CrisBag to deliver ultra-low energy consumption, and to minimise maintenance costs and spares, thereby obtaining the lowest OPEX in the market.

The CrisBag® baggage transport and sortation system features:

  • Fast, safe and flexible baggage handling from check-in to discharge
  • 100% accurate track-and-trace of baggage at every stage of the handling process
  • High speed and capacity make CrisBag® one of the fastest baggage handling systems
  • Compact and modular design with a wide range of standard modules for flexible configuration and smallest footprints
  • All elements factory tested and quality guaranteed before shipping
  • ’One bag per tote’ and a unique ’one tote per section’ concept
  • In-tote screening eliminates the need to remove baggage from the tote

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