Early baggage
storage systems

Early baggage storage (EBS) systems allows passenger bags to be checked in hours before flight time with the flexibility of retrieving the bag automatically at any time. An EBS system also manages peak volumes and reduces labour requirements considerably.

We offer a wide range of solutions including CrisBag® line based EBS, CrisStore racking solutions and traditional conveyor storage solutions.

Features of the CrisBag® line based EBS:
  • Modular lift and CrisBag® lane system
  • Warehouse for long time random storage
  • Best and flexible use of building volume
  • Manual retrieval for fallback
  • Recirculation within EBS allow single bag access
Features of the CrisStore racking solutions:
  • Modular system for easy configuration and expansion
  • Storage in a choice of CrisBag® tote sizes
  • Rack module height of under 3 m per module fits standard bag-room headroom
  • Overall capacity configured to fit each airport
  • 100% tracking and traceability
  • Single bag access to individual items of baggage
Features of the traditional conveyor storage solutions:
  • Simple and economical solution to early bag storage
  • Evaluation of capacity, peak, volume and space is required
  • Reduce of the overall electrical energy consumption
  • Minimized risk of human error
  • Ensures accuracy, efficiency and a more satisfying customer experience.

EBS systems are also used for buffering and peak shaving in the Batch building and Bag Factory concepts.

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