BEUMER Loading Systems

Loading technology:
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Goods vehicles, railway wagons, ships or barges - there is no form of goods transport for which BEUMER Group does not offer an ideal loading and unloading solution. The actual loading machine remains the focus of attention. Customers select additional components to build complete loading systems to meet their precise requirements and BEUMER Group plans, manufactures and installs the complete system. BEUMER Group loading systems are characterised by efficiency, ease of use and superior performance.

At a

  • Equipment for the loading of loose and bagged bulk materials in heavy goods vehicles, railway trucks and vessels
  • Truck unloading equipment
  • Automated bag loading equipment for heavy goods vehicles and containers

Bag loading machines

The concept of the threedimensionally adjustable bag loading machine with telescoping head for loading trucks and railcars can be traced back to a German patent issued to BEUMER Group several decades ago. In the meantime, BEUMER Group has supplied many loading machines, both standard and special models, for road and rail vehicles and, in addition to supplying individual machines, has equipped various packing plants worldwide with such equipment. Mechanized and semi- or fully automatic bag loading equipment has become a BEUMER Group speciality. Bag transport equipment, bag cleaners and devices for rejecting broken bags as well as the system controls expand the bag loading equipment into complete installations.

Two in one: Automated
loading and palletising

The BEUMER autopac® 3000 is an economic and efficient system for simultaneous loading and palletising of bagged material, such as, cement, lime, gypsum, grain, flour, sugar, plastic granules, food and fertilisers, or similar products. The BEUMER autopac® 3000 is available in mobile and stationary designs and is therefore suited for various applications. These alter - native designs allow an optimum utilization of the dispatch capabilities. Loading and palletising as one operation - this is the proven BEUMER autopac® 3000. Open trucks are automatically loaded with bags directly from the packer onto the loading layers at an hourly capacity of 3.000 bags.

The BEUMER autopac® 3000 is moved into its initial loading position by remote control. The number of rows and layers as well as the total number of bags are stipulated. The reafter loading runs automatically. The BEUMER autopac® 3000 is constructed entirely of electro - mechanical components. The drives and machine parts are clearly arranged and easily accessible. This design offers decisive advant - ages even under extreme ambient conditions through its high availability and outstanding efficiency in operation.

Loading equipment
for open vehicles

For dust-free loading of open vehicles, various types of telescoping loading systems are available. At the start of the loading process, the head is lowered to the base of the vehicle and material feed is switched on. The unit is raised automatically by a filling level monitor located at the lower end of the conical valve which is dampened by the upward material. The bottom of the conical valve always remains on top of the material so that no dust can escape to the outside. The dust extraction bellows or telescoping tubes are connected to a central dust suppresion air system. Material is fed in by corresponding equipment or rotating gates.

Loading head
for tanker vehicles

Tanker vehicles can be loaded quickly and free of dust by means of the BEUMER Group bulk loading head. It is designed according to the double-wall system i.e. material flow and dust extraction are separate from one another. The loading head must be connected to a dust-collecting air system. The lifting device is a motorized or manual cable winch. The material feed must be dosed. The device is operated by means of a suspended push-button switch.

When setting down on a filling spout, the sealing cone of the loading head lowers further and simultaneously opens the material outlet spout. The variable lowering level of the sealing cone with filling level indicator makes it possible to adjust the material level in the vehicle. For setting down, the loading head can be moved to the side to conform precisely to the position of the vehicle. At the end of the loading process the vibrator starts to loosen any material left in the head to prevent dust accumulation on the vehicles.

Loading systems
for ships

We offer two different systems for ship loading. Coarse bulk materials, such as clinker or lumpy ores, are loaded into bulk carriers via BEUMER Group belt conveying systems and a vertical telescopic loading head, efficiently and without dust. Swivelling and telescopic ship loaders ensure filling most of the cargo space without shifting the ship.

The loading of powdered goods is handled by fully enclosed loading machines. This, in connection with the required filter systems, reduces the environmental impact to a minimum.