BEUMER Receiving

In the receiving process parameters like speed, coordination and efficiency are of great essence. Especially, when it comes to minimising costs and through-put times.


An effective yard management ensures that every aspect of the receiving and shipping procedures run according to plan. Thus, a time and cost efficient flow of items and an evenly distribution of the workload among the available resources are obtained.

Yard management comprises many aspects, such as controlling the movement of trailers between input and collection points and tracking schedules of trailers in accordance with pre-advised contents information.


Secure, exact registration of the information related to individual items is imperative for efficient and correct sorting. Our sorting solutions can be supplied with a large variety of ID systems including all types of scanners (laser, camera) OCR and RFID.


Process control enables you to monitor, control and improve processes and consequently turn challenges into opportunities. Maximum efficiency is a keyword when it comes to coping with logistical challenges such as increasing volumes and tighter time schedules. Therefore, it is important that all functions are seamlessly linked together.