BEUMER Preparation

The correct preparation of goods is imperative in order to handle the items effectively in the subsequent processes.


BEUMER Group offers a full range of case- and pallet-handling conveyors, conveyor systems, and conveyor controls for warehouses, distribution centers, postal and parcel operations and manufacturing facilities worldwide.

Conveyors delivered by BEUMER Group are designed with performance, durability, and reliability in mind to meet the accumulation, transportation, sortation, and storage needs of virtually any manufacturing or distribution environment.

Pallet Handling
and Container Tipping

BEUMER Group supplies cost effective solutions which optimise your pallet handling and container tipping processes.

Pallet handling and container tipping are essential parts of both production and distribution processes. When items arrive they are often transported in containers or on pallets. In order to get the items further in the sorting process, they are tipped out of the container or removed from the pallets either manually or automatically and conveyed to the next process.

Robotic Palletisers
and Depalletisers

Robotic palletiser and depalletiser solutions from BEUMER Group can be configured for virtually any pattern, product packaging, or container, including cases, totes, trays, and boxes. Our engineers work with customers to fully integrate our solutions with existing conveyors or other material handling equipment.


Unloading goods from an incoming truck and loading the same goods directly onto outbound trucks has become an increasing demand in order to eliminate costs for warehousing and material handling and obtain short time-to-market deliveries.

Cross docking can take place both manually and automatically. However, automated cross docking has several advantages such as reducing the manual labour and achieving accurate deliveries with track & trace possibilities.