The robotic palletiser takes you one step closer to full automation of the material handling process. Whether it is efficient depalletising or fast stacking of items for quick despatch, the robotic palletiser offers a reliable and uniform solution at a very small footprint.

Robotic Palletisers
and Depalletisers

Robotic palletiser and depalletiser solutions from BEUMER Group can be configured for virtually any pattern, product packaging, or container, including cases, totes, trays, and boxes. Our engineers work with customers to fully integrate our solutions with existing conveyors or other material handling equipment.


The manifest is a valuable piece of information which contains information about the items sorted such as item ID, destination of the item etc. The manifest is also a pre-advice for the subsequent processes such as shipping and route planning. Furthermore, a manifest can contain information on different levels e.g. how many items are in a carton, a container or a truck etc.

Additionally, a manifest can contain information about the expected and achieved result for a sorting process. This so-called deviation manifest is generated, when a sorting wave is completed.