IT and

The BG Software Suite is based on a set of proven, standard controls modules. Each module features advanced equipment control assuring optimum availability and reliability.
By selecting between the broad varieties of functional modules, the software package can be configured widely to meet factory specific needs in term of:

  • Warehouse Control System (WCS) for high-level system management
  • Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Management Information System for statistical reporting (MIS)
  • Sort Controller (SC) system persistency, tray routing and flow control
  • Machine Control (MC)

Starting from a minimal level of pure machine control, the software package can be extended to include additional functionalities like data exchange with process equipment, routing and flow management, tray storage inventory management etc. until it becomes a full WCS for the entire Tire Tray System including interfacing to factory MES (Manufacturing Execution System) or WMS (Warehouse Management System).