Interface to Tire
building machine

The interface between the Tire Tray System and the tire building machines can be done in different ways and levels of automation. In the ideal cost-performance situation, the green tire is loaded into the tray directly at the tire building machine, whereas the Tire Tray System is serving several tire building machines in one line.

The IT and Control system will handle empty trays in the tire building area, by allowing the empty trays to pass by each tire building machines loading point, according to demand and in order to feed all tire building machines with empty trays to ensure full productivity.

Once the green tire is positioned into the tray, the tire will keep its lower bead intact during storage. While also remaining the orientation in the protective tire tray, additional slice orientation compensation can be avoided prior to loading the green tires into curing presses.

For tire building machines not supporting automatic unloading, the Tire Tray System offers the use of a vertical lift where the tire building machines operator is presented with an empty tray in which the green tire can be placed directly after the tire build – or after going through a manual quality control procedure.