Palletising Systems
End-of-Line Logistics

End-of-line palletising plays a critical role in safeguarding products for delivery and later processing, but also for the earning power of the entire packaging system. BEUMER Group demonstrates our expertise in this area not only in the case of specialised requirements; we know how to handle highly sensitive products, high temperatures, unusual flow properties, different bulk densities and packaging materials.

Protecting products

Once created, a product needs to be packaged to survive the routes to the consumer, because these sometimes raise significant – but surmountable – challenges that we take up. For example, our palletising solutions counter shearing forces. Damage caused by instabilities and a resulting increase in transport costs thus can be avoided.

Efficient. Effective. Safe.

BEUMER Group offers a complete range of palletising systems that integrate flexibly into an overall production and warehouse management process. Our innovative technology provides reliable and fast throughput of goods, and also ensures that your products reach the customer with safety and protection. Due to their robust, flexible designs and great economic appeal, the various designs of the BEUMER robotpac® and BEUMER paletpac® systems are widely used throughout the chemical industry.

BEUMER paletpac®

BEUMER paletpac® systems provide excellent stack quality and reliability and can be individually adapted to various demands. The IE2 energy-saving motors provide for a throughput of up to 2,500 bags per hour, whereby the unique design minimises friction via ventilated stacking table or special coatings. With a wide range of models, the BEUMER paletpac® systems provide the perfect blend of performance and precision.

BEUMER robotpac®

The BEUMER robotpac® systems palletise and depalletise any type of package using specially developed sector- and task-specific gripper elements. The BEUMER interface control ensures simple operation and a smooth flow, even for complex processes with varying parameters. Reliably and efficiently.

BEUMER robotpac® systems feature energy efficiency and maximum accuracy when layers are formed on pallets. They are suitable for simultaneously bagged products (batch processing) and can be reconfigured very easily for frequent product changes.