Transport, dust and
weather protection for
valuable consumer goods

BEUMER Transport, Dust and Weather Protection

BEUMER Group, as one of the leading manufacturers of intralogistic systems, can offer a very effective method to package products. The BEUMER stretch hood® is an innovative development in packaging technology for optimal protection of food and beverages. Innovative film handling and sophisticated modules, combined with state-of-the-art control techniques, make the BEUMER stretch hood® an efficient packaging machine, which can adapt to a wide range of customer requirements.

Using advantages optimally

BEUMER Group´s patented technology offers customers the opportunity to use all the advantages of stretch hood packaging to their advantage.
The BEUMER stretch hood® successfully fulfills customers' high expectations with regard to packaging quality, efficiency and operational reliability.
BEUMER Group has more than 20 years of stretch hood packaging experience with a variety of industries throughout the world.
The packaging film used for the BEUMER stretch hood® method has several advantageous characteristics. The required lengthening forces and the therefore biaxial-acting forces can be optimally adjusted from the film manufacturer for each individual product.


  1. Efficient packaging method for cost reduction
  2. Protection of high-quality products for all logistic processes
  3. Product recognition during transport and for customers
  4. Water and dust tight
  5. High throughput
  6. High reliability


  1. Reduction of packaging costs of up to 40% compared with shrinking packaging
  2. Additional vertical forces in the film increases the load stability
  3. Extraordinary display characteristics due to use of high-transparent films
  4. Product protection through 5-sided sealed hood
  5. Process patents guarantee the best packaging solution for your products
  6. 15 - 20 times less changes of film rolls compared to stretch wrapping systems

At a

Operation mode:

hood and sleeve stretching, fully automatic

Packaging material:

gusseted film tube

Film thickness:

40 - 200 μm

Package height:

max. 2400 mm (special dimensions upon request)

Package dimensions:

min. 500 x 500 mm,
max. 2500 x 1250 mm (special dimensions upon request)

Conveying height:

from 450 mm

Throughput rate:

depending on the max. package height
150 pallets/h (hood stretching)
170 pallets/h (sleeve stretching)