BEUMER Group palletising
technology: Delicate
products, perfectly stacked.

BEUMER Palletising Technology
With us you can stack your goods safely and neatly.

When it comes to the palletising of various loading units in the chemical industry, varying customer requirements demand a comprehensive and multilevel array of products and services. BEUMER Group offers palletising solutions that are absolutely tailored to these specialised needs. Highly sensitive products, high temperatures, unusual flow behaviour - granulates for instance, often with high lubricant content - reactions to friction and particular types of packaging materials - all this necessitates specially developed equipment for the construction of palletising and packaging systems.

Stacking solutions that add up.

BEUMER paletpac® systems offer a convincing range of solutions for every requirement. They produce exceptional quality stacks, are highly reliable, and are constantly being adapted to the many and various demands of the chemical industry. Altogether a system for demanding customers.

We oppose friction.

Innate product heat and sometimes high ambient temperatures can increase the friction between the bags and the surfaces they lie on, and with that the adhesion which makes precise palletising difficult. BEUMER Group uses special coatings to reduce this friction.
BEUMER Group has developed an adjustable stacking table with frequency-regulated ventilation for the subsequent handling of products in the palletising process. It guarantees simple, safe palletising when the layers are being built up. The bags float on a cushion of air, which prevents from friction between the bags' surface and the stacking table and avoids the uncontrolled flow behaviour of granulates.
Of course, when we developed our systems we also bore in mind the fact that the PE bags used in the chemical industry have very slippery surfaces, and that specialised packaging types such as octabins and big bags are also used.

BEUMER robotpac®. The high-tech system that gives you flexibility.

The BEUMER robotpac® series of products palletises and depalletises a huge range of packaging units using specially developed gripper elements. The BEUMER Group adjustment control system ensures userfriendly operation and a flexible response to changing conditions of use. Even complex processes with varying parameters are dealt with reliably, safely and efficiently.