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for the chemical industry.
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BEUMER Chemical
Everything from a single source - we know the movements of the chemical industry.

As a world-leading manufacturer of conveying, loading, palletising and packaging equipment for intralogistics, we know the movements of the chemical and petrochemical industries. Sensitive, valuable products are involved with very particular characteristics: Some of them are handled at high temperatures and have high volumes and weights, some are less stable substances with unusual flow behaviour - such as granulates, often with high lubricant content - some react to friction and particular types of packaging materials and shapes.
Highly sensitive chemical products require innovative technologies in order to ensure longevity, safe transport and the preservation of their value. That means technical systems that serve to optimise value-adding processes in the chemical industry. With BEUMER Group you have a reliable partner and problem-solver at your side from start to finish. We can offer you a complete range of products. And, if you require, we can act as general contractor and even supply the bag-packing equipment you need.

Specialised knowledge and market experience: the basis for successful systems.

We put this knowledge into practice when we develop plants and systems for the chemical and petrochemical industry. We speak the language of our customers, and our global sales and service network means that we are close to our customers wherever they are in the world. Our local presence, coupled with lots of local service stations - and our ability to adapt to the diverse needs of our customers - allow us to perform at the highest level at all times. Working closely with our customers' experts from the chemical industry we develop and implement innovative, customised solutions.

High technology for tailor-made solutions in the chemical industry.

BEUMER Group machine and system software is developed by specialists who have precise knowledge of customers' particular requirements - such as when palletising and packaging goods. Packaged goods are handled gently, and palletised load units are stacked perfectly, ensuring safe transport and making a positive impression on the recipient.