The BEUMER fillpac® I (in-line packer) and the BEUMER fillpac® R (rotary packer) are a new generation of bagging systems - a first class system with the world's latest microprocessor for weighing electronics, proven filling systems with horizontal filling impellers, and precise weighing accuracy. The BEUMER fillpac® is designed for capacities ranging from 300 to 6000 bags per hour. In-line as well as rotary packers are available as per customer requirements.

Best results with performance and weighing accuracy due to:
  • simple, graphical programming interface, which can be operated using a touch screen
  • different filling weights that can be stored in the database and are selectable using a selector switch
  • simple calibration using softkeys on the touch screen
  • autocorrections, with which the maximum weight accuracy and fill speed can be achieved


Horizontal filling impellers are used for the BEUMER fillpac® in order to ensure trouble-free filling.

The EFS100TS electronics were designed in Europe, are being continuously developed further and fulfil the sophisticated demands of efficient and modern bagging systems.

The electronics have the following major features in addition to all standard equipment of other packers:

The electronics of the BEUMER fillpac® are compatible with check weighers. The check weighers are specially designed and manufactured in Europe for the BEUMER fillpac®. They are equipped with the latest functions, such as autocorrection, recognition of over- and/or underweight bags and communication with the bag trap, in order to discharge bags with incorrect weights. The electronics display the individual bag weights, as well as the number of bags. Using an interface, the data can be transmitted to management information systems in the desired formats for data generation.

Additional modules for the BEUMER fillpac®:
  • Bag placer
  • Check weighers
  • Bag trap
  • Bag crusher