BEUMER Group packaging
technology: Superb custom

The right protection for enhanced security.

BEUMER Group packaging technology provides the building materials industry with a wide range of different systems for the protection of palletized load units. Whether loads require securing or protection against the elements, the ideal load securing method is specifically developed in close collaboration with customers to meet the demands of each overall logistics concept.

It's your choice - stretch, shrink or wrap.

BEUMER stretch hood® is the innovative development in packaging technologies for the optimum securing of palletized load units. This highly efficient packaging machine combines the latest control systems, mature functional modules and unique film handling characteristics and is an efficient and practice-orientated solution to meet the broad spectrum of demands in shipment packaging.

BEUMER paketpac® - the palletless packaging technology, BEUMER paketpac®, works on the flat film or counter hood principles. Amongst other qualities, the flat film method's use of flat films means low film consumption, extreme rigidity and optimum weathering protection. In the counter hood method, a flat film sheet reinforces the package base, subsequently, a shrink hood and a counter hood are applied to ensure optimum load protection.

At a glance - BEUMER Group packaging technology:

  • Film packaging equipment for the securing of palleted loads with shrink or stretch films
  • Palletless shrink-wrap packaging equipment