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No matter whether heavy trucks, railway trucks or vessels, there is no vehicle type for which BEUMER Group has no ideal solution for loading or unloading materials for the building industry. The actual loading machinery is the heart of each system. Complete loading systems are planned, manufactured and assembled around this heart according to our customers' requirements. The outstanding features of all systems are their cost effectiveness, and simultaneously simple operation and high performance, with only an absolute minimum of manual work.

Loading equipment for bulk materials:

Custom concepts for all products. BEUMER Group is one of the leading providers of loading equipment for bulk materials. The know-how and expertise gathered through decades of experience, firstclass quality and continuous, innovative development and upgrading of this product line provide users with a guaranteed high level of operational availability and cost-effective operations.

The particular challenge here is to provide loading and handling technologies that are based on concepts designed and developed specifically for the products to be handled and the environments in which the equipment is to be installed. This involves considerations with regard to the properties of the respective materials to be loaded, such as their bulk density and flow characteristics as well as the loading capacity, weight and volume control and, of course, dust-free and environmentally safe workplace issues.

In the case of high loading volumes, for example, in the cement industry, stationary loading heads are no longer sufficient, particularly when the vehicle being loaded is standing on a weighbridge and may not be moved. It must be possible to move the loading head to the exact location of each of the vehicle's filling spouts. Depending on the properties of the materials to be loaded, and the length of the vehicle, a choice of different sliding or swivel-mounted loading systems is available. These highly flexible loading systems can be fitted with either one or two loading heads, depending on available space.

Two in one - the automatic loading and palletizing unit.

The BEUMER autopac® 3000 is an efficient and cost-effective system for simultaneous loading and palletizing of bagged materials such as cement, lime or gypsum. In either a mobile or static configuration, they offer a wide range of applications guaranteeing optimum utilisation of dispatch capacities.

At a glance - BEUMER Group loading technology:

  • Equipment for the loading of loose and bagged bulk materials in heavy goods vehicles, railway trucks and vessels.
  • Truck unloading equipment
  • Automatic bag loading equipment for heavy goods vehicles and containers