Robotic palletising
Innovative palletising technology

In many industries, not only bagged goods need to be palletised, but also cartons, cardboard boxes, crates or canisters. BEUMER Group has developed flexible robotic palletisers with gripper elements to meet the different requirements of these items. The BEUMER robotpac® series ensures firstclass stack quality, gentle product handling and high reliability.

Innovative palletising technology with state-of-the-art technology

The BEUMER robotpac® palletises and depalletises various types of packages using specifically developed gripper elements. The BEUMER interface control ensures a user-friendly handling, as well as a flexible adjustment to changing conditions of use. Even complex processes with varying basic parameters can be solved in a reliable and efficient way.

BEUMER robotpac® systems feature energy efficiency and maximum accuracy when the layers are formed on pallets. They are also suitable for bagged products and can be reconfigured very easily for frequent product changes.

Highlights of BEUMER robotpac® series

  • High flexibility for various tasks
  • Little floor space required due to compact design
  • Exchangeable grippers for picking up various packaged goods
  • Simple change of the packing pattern – at the touch of a button or fully automatic through barcode recognition
  • Up to 1,900 units per hour, depending on the model
  • Reliable, even under extreme conditions

BEUMER robotpac® systems can be equipped with different grippers. This ensures high flexibility. You can palletise different sized load units on the same pallet using gripping systems that can stack packages from above into available gaps.

Fork gripper

Whether handling bagged goods or cardboard boxes: the fork gripper ensures reliable, gentle and precise stacking of both product types. It can handle up to 600 units per hour.

Double fork gripper

The powerful double fork gripper stacks bagged goods and cardboard boxes with a capacity of up to 900 units per hour; this is also possible by moving two units per travel path.

Finger gripper

The finger gripper is a high capacity tool for stable bags. It can palletise up to 1,200 bags per hour.

Double finger gripper

The double finger gripper is used if large quantities of stable bags need to be palletised. It can position up to 1,900 bags per hour for the palletising process.

Pallet gripping device

The installation of a pallet gripping device allows for feeding the empty pallets without an additional empty pallet conveyor.

Suction gripper

The suction gripper is recommended for bundles with suctionable surfaces: it can stack up to 400 bundles per hour while gently handling the product. Even unstable packaged goods can be palletised reliably.

Parallel gripper

The parallel gripper performs especially well when palletising stable bundles with parallel side walls, i.e. cardboard boxes: it can stack up to 600 cardboard boxes per hour.

Special gripper

For individual requirements, special gripping systems are developed and dimensioned for the specific products and performance characteristics.