Reliable palletising
of sensitive and robust goods

BEUMER paletpac® high-level palletisers fulfil the requirements of various industries. The BEUMER paletpac® is particularly suited for the gentle palletising of highly sensitive bagged products in the lower capacity range. BEUMER paletpac® high-capacity palletisers are used for gentle, safe and efficient palletising of robust bagged products in particularly high quantities.

High-level palletisers for sensitive bagged goods

BEUMER paletpac® systems are characterised by exceptional stack quality and reliability. A multi-program interface includes all common packing patterns, and can be individually adjusted to the different requirements of the chemical, food, and building materials industries. The BEUMER palletising systems are particularly suited for sensitive bagged goods such as plasters, screeds, animal feed, granulated material and pulverized or micronized chemical products.

The models in the lower performance range can achieve throughputs of 600 to 2,500 bags per hour. Their special design with a ventilated stacking table and special coatings reduces friction. The stateof- the-art drive system minimises noise and wear. Motors that save energy due to frequency controls and servo technology, product-specific turning devices, and optimal electric control systems ensure efficient, safe and precise palletising.

High-level palletiser for robust bagged goods

Whether handling fertilisers or cement: if the bags are arranged in certain patterns, high-capacity palletisers from the BEUMER paletpac® series can palletise up to 5,500 bags per hour while ensuring high stack quality and gentle handling of the bags. This achieves impressively high daily outputs and helps process your orders faster.

Optimised turning devices are used in order to bring the bags into the required bag pattern, e.g. twin-belt turning devices for sensitive goods and bar-type turning devices for more robust items. The high performance models feature state-of-the art drive systems, where parameters can be adjusted variably and are extremely easy to use.

Highlights of BEUMER paletpac® series

  • Gentle handling of bags
  • Precise stack formation
  • Programs for all common packing patterns
  • Intuitive adjustment of the parameters for variable bag and pallet sizes
  • Simple handling
  • Low-noise and low-wear drive systems
  • Compact, container-optimised
  • Easy maintenance due to improved accessibility
  • Performance range for sensitive goods: 600 to 2,500 bags per hour
  • Performance range for robust goods: 1,800 to 5,500 bags per hour

Clamp-type turning device

The clamp-type turning device aligns bagged goods using a specific clamp. This gentle procedure is available for all BEUMER paletpac® systems up to a performance class of 2,500 bags per hour.

  • Performance increase by turning the item quickly and in line with the packing pattern
  • Proven procedure for layer preparation

Twin-belt turning device

The twin-belt turning device of the BEUMER paletpac® system is particularly gentle when turning the packages. The gentle handling is possible due to different speeds of two separately driven belt conveyors, which makes it particularly suitable for the building materials, cement, chemical and food industries.

  • Extremely gentle bag handling at up to 2,500 bags per hour
  • Exact results due to precise layer preparation
  • Extremely low energy requirements and little wear and tear
  • Reduction of operational costs due to omitted changeover times
  • Optimal accessibility for maintenance work

Bar-type turning device

On the bar-type turning device, a swivelling bar pushes the laterally guided bags into the desired position. The BEUMER paletpac® can be used regardless of the performance capacity, but it is particularly efficient for sturdy products and large mass flows.

  • Ideal for less sensitive bagged goods and high throughput
  • Simple solution for turning bags by 90 degrees to form layers
  • Low energy requirements by not using pneumatic or hydraulic systems
  • Practically maintenance-free, easy accessibility
  • High reliability due to modern, efficient geared motors