Palletless transport
packaging solutions
made by BEUMER Group

Doing more with less has driven BEUMER Group since decades - Reduction is good but sometime eliminating is better and leads to real eco effectiveness. BEUMER Group focuses first on listening. Always. Listening to our customers' voices, and even going farther downstream to listen to their customers' voices.

Then we focus on innovation that makes a meaningful difference at the point-of-impact.- where it really matters to end users of the broad range of industrial and consumer products that are processed, converted, or handled in some form by BEUMER Group technology.

BEUMER Palletless packaging

In 1989 BEUMER Group delivered the first transport packaging solution for bagged products without using a pallet as carrier. Pallets no mater if they are reusable pallets, disposable pallets, recycled pallets, pooled or consignment pallets it is avoidable cost which may can be eliminated.

We make the hoods
that protect your goods

Today, various solutions made by BEUMER Group are available to users' worldwide.

  • Sling palletizing
  • Slip sheet palletizing
  • BEUMER paketpac® - shrink
  • BEUMER paketpac® - stretch

Taking the decision to go pallet less should be reviewed under the perpective of creating a logistically manageable load. Should your distribution chain meet those requirements you could benefit from:

  • Significant reduction of CO2 emissions due to reduced transportation efforts (weight, increased utilization of container or trucks, eliminating of empty pallet transport, etc.)
  • Improved hygiene
  • 6 sided environmental protection
  • Reduced handling
  • Use of recyclable materials
  • Less onsite storage required
  • Increased system reliability

Our goal is to improve the use of recyclable materials and to re use them within the packaging material chain according to the cradle-to-cradle principle. With the BEUMER Group palletless approach we not only want to do things right, we want to do the right things.