The Rota-Sorter®
More performance, flexibility and economic efficiency

An all-round performer in a class of its own

BEUMER Group's versatile machine with superior operational efficiency. The Rota-Sorter® can handle a vast range of items on a single line at high speed. Its unique discharge technology makes sortation extremely gentle while the system distinguishes itself through its flexibility and economic efficiency.

An all-round sorter

The Rota-Sorter® handles a great variety of items on a single line: large, small, tall, flat, different weight categories and in different packaging. High-speed operation up to 5,000 items per hour on one line with a possibility to be expanded to up to three lines above each other, makes if possible to achieve a maximum capacity of 15,000 items per hour.

Gentle on the product and the environment

Gentle product handling reduces the number of customer complaints: the Rota-Sorter® discharges all items very carefully, no matter the throughput. It is made possible by the sinusoidal velocity curve of the discharge movement. The sortation system is not just easy on the items but also on the hearing of your employees: even after considerable running time the Rota-Sorter® remains very quiet.

Uses simple solutions for complex requirements

Whatever sortation challenges you face, the Rota-Sorter® masters them all with simple, reliable technology. Firstly, the sortation system has very few moving parts. Secondly, the discharge system operates with a very limited amount of electronic components and the sorter area requires just a small number of sensor elements. Thirdly, all units are easily accessible. All of the above helps ensure high availability and low maintenance costs.

Easily expandable to a system

The flexibility of the Rota-Sorter® leaves nothing to be desired: the discharge systems can be mounted anywhere on the outside of the sorter. Furthermore, they can be moved or provided with additional discharge points later on. The dimensioning of the system is likewise flexible: the sorter can be operated not just as a single line but also as a double or triple sorter with independent systems. BEUMER provides everything you need for them, e.g. feeding and discharge lines, scanners, weight and volume measurement, accumulation chutes and conveyors and tilting stations.

Cost-efficient from the start

Top performance at affordable cost: due to its simple design and low complexity the Rota-Sorter® sets itself apart from more complex sortation systems through low capital costs. The sturdy construction, gentle item handling and high sortation capacity also ensure that the welldesigned sorter pays off quickly.


  • Design as a single, double or triple sorter
  • Capacity: mixed goods up to 15,000 items per hour
  • Quick, reliable discharge
  • Gentle item handling
  • Flexible modular design
  • Everything from one source
  • Environmentally friendly due to high energy efficiency