BEUMER Parcel Picker®
Ergonomic, safe and robust

Higher operational performance

Global competitive pressures in parcel logistics require constant process optimisation. The BEUMER Parcel Picker® helps companies meet the growing requirements by significantly increasing operational performance. The robust BEUMER Parcel Picker® allows faster and more efficient unloading and a consistently high throughput.

Easy and gentle unloading

The semi-automatic BEUMER Parcel Picker® is a fast and ergonomic solution for unloading packages, parcels and shipping units of different weights and sizes. The unloading unit works with swap bodies, fixed truck bodies and roller containers and can easily be operated. The parcels are either pulled onto the conveying system with an ergonomically designed, manually operated manipulator, or - in case of roller containers – by adding a designated module. In both cases the parcels are unloaded in bulk and transferred to the sortation system by a telescopic belt conveyor.

Higher productivity and unloading capacity

You can significantly increase your performance with the robust BEUMER Parcel Picker® compared to conventional manual unloading: you no longer need to physically lift and carry the packages. This offers a relief for the operators, prevents tiredness, allows faster and more efficient unloading and a consistently high throughput.

Overall safety

Great emphasis has been put on safety with the BEUMER Parcel Picker®. The operator station has been specifically designed to always ensure an adequate safety distance between the parcels and the operator. The side walls on the telescopic belt conveyor ensure the items remain in the bulk flow.

Ergonomics for a better performance

The BEUMER Parcel Picker® is innovative and up to date in every aspect. The latest scientifically proven methods have been applied to achieve optimum workplace ergonomics, occupational safety as well as an optimised operating process.