sortation systems

The BEUMER Group portfolio of cross belt sortation systems includes the BEUMER Belt Tray Sorter and the LS-4000CB Cross-Belt Sorter. With a large number of installations worldwide, BEUMER Group sortation equipment and software are critical components of today's most sophisticated and highest throughput automated material handling systems in various industries, e.g.:

BEUMER Cross-belt sortation systems
  • Postal and courier: letter trays, packets and small envelopes
  • Clothing and footwear: shoeboxes and apparel
  • Mail order companies and newspaper distribution: plastic film wrapped products with high friction (sticky) surfaces
  • Food market industry: unstable and sensitive products, such as frozen foods, cakes and dairy products
  • Other industries: extreme variation in product types, shapes and frictional behaviour, such as baggage handling for airports or freight centres

belt tray sorter

The BEUMER Belt Tray Sorter with contactless energy supply and linear induction motor drive sorts items safely and gently to the right destination, irrespective of size, shape or surface characteristics. Belt materials and surface textures can be formulated to the specific product requirements.

Thanks to the contactless data and power transmission, the BEUMER Belt Tray Sorter both incorporates the utmost in flexibility, and keeps operating costs at a minimum. Furthermore, the modular design concept means that systems can be configured to ideally suit your building's floor space without compromising the system performance.


  • Rapid adaption to varying requirements in operating "throughput rate"
  • Contactless data and power transmission and high reliability
  • Adjustable belt tray induct and discharge speed
  • Reduced maintenance costs, product damage, jams and system downtimes
  • Minimized gaps between pulleys and adjacent belt trays

cross-belt sortation system

The LS-4000CB cross-belt high-speed loop sorters feature the highest layout flexibility with reduced installation and commissioning time. The new sortation technology delivers real environmental benefits and increased energy efficiency to provide the lowest product life cycle cost (PLCC), without compromising speed, capacity, or reliability.

The high-speed linear synchronous motor (LSM) in the LS-4000CB eliminates contact between moving parts, leading to low wear and tear and low noise levels. The system is designed to transport and sort items that present difficulties during traditional sortation, such as fragile and high-friction items. The gentle belt sorting allows for the horizontal discharge of items to ensure precise position and orientation throughout the entire sortation process.


  • High capacity sortation of fragile and high-friction items
  • New linear synchronous motor (LSM) improves electrical efficiency
  • Improved product life cycle cost (PLCC)
  • Modular platform for flexible layout and optimised conditions for integration
  • Precise positioning and orientation throughout the entire sortation process

One sorter - endless possibilities

The LS-4000flexbelt sets a new and higher level for flexibility and capacity in high-speed automated sortation. The energy efficient LS-4000flexbelt shares the LS-4000CB Cross-Belt Sorter's low benchmark for product life-cycle costs (PLCC) and uses its wide range of cross belt lengths and widths, but with expanded control system functionalities.

The flexibility of the LS-4000flexbelt sorter lies in its ability to handle a mixture of different item shapes and sizes. LS-4000flexbelt uses a one or two-belt per cart configuration that provides sorting capacity for up to four items per cart. To increase the capacity further, the system is able to discharge two items on the same belt to both the left and the right side, or both items to the same side.


  • High capacity sortation of items of different size and shape
  • Two items per belt for double capacity
  • Discharge to left and right side (both items to same side or to either side)
  • Modular platform for flexible layout
  • State-of-the-art drive system