BG Sorter ET

New Generation Tilt-Tray Sorter

The BG Sorter ET is the innovative new generation tilt-tray sorter from BEUMER Group.

A new closed-deck tray technology and real-time wireless communications ensures the highest quality of sortation and safe handling of items. These features allow almost all items to be handled through the automated system resulting in higher efficiency and later cut-off times for customers.


  • Sorter speed: Up to 3 m/sec (590 ft/min)
  • Drive systems: OptiDrive or Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM)
  • Power supply: Contactless energy supply
  • Real-time wireless communication system
  • Maximum item length: 1000 mm (39.4”) single tray and 2000 mm (79”) spanning two trays
  • Maximum item width: 1000 mm (39.4”)
  • Maximum item weight per tray: 60 kg (132 lbs)


  • Highest possible availability and flexibility to optimise capacity
  • Optimum sortation quality from real-time wireless communication
  • Safe handling during induction with item monitoring
  • Diagnostic tools and condition monitoring provide lower product life-cycle costs