Discharge and loading technology for bulk material

Efficient, reliable and safe bulk material transport

The right loading technology is crucial for efficient and safe delivery of your products to your customers: We are one of the leading providers of systems for bulk material loading. We offer our customers a high degree of availability and economical operation through our many years of experience, high-quality products, extensive know-how and the continuous development of the loading technology for bulk material.

Product overview of our loading technology for bulk material

Bulk loading heads:

  • for bulk transporter vehicles
  • with an integrated filter
  • with fill level indicator

Loading systems:

  • for bulk transporter vehicles
  • for open vehicles
  • for trains
  • for ships
  • dispatch automation

Dispatch automation for efficient processes

Dispatch automation is a major success factor: today, bulk material loading systems are automatically checked and controlled. Integration as well as shipping logistics often require tailor-made concepts. We offer solutions designed to meet the specific requirements of each customer, from single loading controls to full material flow control.

The following system components are used for our solutions:

  • material flow control via PLC
  • computers for processing weighing information and customer data, implemented as Windows NT work station
  • connection between material flow control and computer-controlled weighing process via a fieldbus system or alternatively via a data medium with corresponding writing and scanner stations
  • online connection to commercial Computers

Tackle bulk material transport brilliantly

Bulk material must be conveyed in large quantities via motorways and railways. Building materials, coal, cereals, fodder, mineral compounds or products of the chemical industry are often loaded at the production location in suitable vehicles and transported as bulk cargo to other locations. It is particularly important to provide technical loading and handling systems designed specifically for the product and adapted to the installation conditions. When dimensioning this system, characteristics of the goods like bulk density, product temperature as well as flow properties are taken into account. Other important criteria are the loading capacity, weight and volume monitoring and dust-free, environmentally friendly operation.

Bulk loading head for bulk transporter vehicles

Bulk transporter vehicles can be loaded quickly and free of dust with the BEUMER bulk loading head. It is designed according to the double-wall system, i.e. the material inlet and the dedusting unit are separated from each other. The bulk loading head has to be connected to a dedusting air system. The hoist equipment is either a motor cable winch or a hand-operated winch. It is important that the material is fed in a regulated manner. A suspended pushbutton is used for operation.

When placing the bulk loading head on a filler neck, the sealing cone is lowered and opens the outlet spout. The fill level in the vehicle is adjustable due to the variable lowering level of the sealing cone, which is equipped with a fill level meter. In order to balance out any minor positional deviations of the vehicle, the bulk loading head can be moved laterally during placement. When the loading process has been terminated, a vibrating motor shakes off any material still adhering to the unit in order to avoid soiling of the vehicles.

Bulk loading head for bulk transporter vehicles with integrated filter

The advantage of the BEUMER bulk loading head with integrated compressed-air filter is that it can operate independently from centralised dedusting systems and dust transporting devices, whose installation would require too much effort if they only connect a bulk loading system. The dust removed from the bulk transporter vehicle is fed again to the material flow during loading. The compressed-air filter consists of filter hoses which are positioned between the inner telescopic tube and the outer bellows. The suction is carried out by a fan fastened at the outside. The cleaning is carried out by timed compressed-air shocks. The required compressed air of 4 to 6 bar must be provided by the customer. The method of operation is the same as for the standard bulk loading head.

Loading systems for open vehicles

Various types of telescopic loading systems are available for dust-free loading of open vehicles. When the loading process starts, the bulk loading head is lowered to the floor of the vehicle and the material feed is switched on. The bulk loading head is raised automatically by a fill level switch in the lower dedusting hood, which is activated by the rising material. The edge of the dedusting hood always rests on the material cone while it rises, so that no dust can escape. The bellows or the telescopic tubes for the dust extraction have to be connected to a central dedusting air system. The material is fed by appropriate conveying systems or flow control gates.

Fill level indicator for bulk loading heads

The fill level indicators accurately shut off the material feed to the bulk loading head when the vehicle is full. Different types of fill level indicators are required depending on the properties of the material. The primary criteria used to select the correct switch are bulk density, flow behaviour as well as product temperature. All systems are interchangeable: This ensures quick and trouble-free modification if required.

Mobile loaders for bulk transporter vehicles

Stationary bulk loading heads are often not sufficient in case of high loading capacities as, for example, in the cement industry, especially if the bulk transporter vehicle is standing on a weighbridge and may not be moved during the loading process. It should be possible to move the bulk loading head to each filler neck of the vehicle. Our mobile loaders provide this option: Depending on the properties of the materials to be loaded and the length of the vehicle, different sliding or swivelling loading system options are available. These mobile loading systems can be fitted with either one or two loading heads, depending on the space available.

Our strengths in loading technology for bulk material are experience and innovation - you can rely on us as your strong partner!

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