BEUMER belt conveyors:
Efficient solution for
long distances

Pioneer with know-how.

For many years BEUMER Group has been successfully supplying systems and plants for bulk material and piece good transport worldwide. Since its foundation BEUMER Group has substantially shaped technical development in the conveying technology sector and, with its belt conveyors, can always offer you the right solution for your transport requirements.

At a

Centre distance:

BEUMER troughed belt conveyors: up to 20 km

Curve radius:

BEUMER troughed belt conveyors: > 400 m for horizontal curves, vertical curves depending on the application

Conveying capacity:

> 10,000 t/h

Conveying speed:

up to 6.5 m/s

Angles of inclination:

up to 15° depending on the material to be conveyed

We set your products
on the right track.
Safely and fast.

Long distances, large heights, small radii - the BEUMER Group system solutions are as individual as the requirements in the conveying technology sector. We keep you satisfied with our technical expertise and always work with you to identify the right solution to transport your products quickly, safely and efficiently from A to B.

BEUMER belt conveyor:
Efficient and eco-friendly

There are many good reasons to buy a BEUMER Group belt conveying system. In rough terrain, the transport of goods - for example by truck - involves significant effort and costs. When using a BEUMER belt conveyor, you save time and energy, accompanied by negligible personnel costs.
At the same time you contribute to environmental protection thanks to reduced CO2 emission, as well as lower noise and sound emissions compared with truck and rail transport.

Quick amortisation of the systems due to high savings potential, as well as low maintenance costs and a smart feed control enabling a cost-efficient material feed are further winning arguments. Sophisticated drive technology, low-wear and low-maintenance components of high quality reduce system charge and increase service life.
BEUMER belt conveyor: efficient and ecological solutions for bulk material and piece good transport. Designed for decades.

Simply ecological:
energy recovery with
descending transport

In case of descending transport, the motors are run in regeneration mode enabling the generation of electrical energy from the kinetic energy of the transported material.
The motors, which are run in motordriven and regeneration mode, are mostly adjustable. This permits an optimum load distribution over the drive units at different operating conditions.

In certain loading conditions, the system is run in regeneration mode. The generated electric energy is fed to the mains by a regenerative feedback unit, enabling a reduction in operating costs of the complete system.