Alternative fuels for
kiln firing in the
cement industry

BEUMER Alternative fuel handling

The required energy input causes about 40% of the production costs for the manufacture of cement. Therefore apart from standard combustibles like coal, fuel oil and gas the so called alternative fuels are of considerable interest, besides a useful waste disposal their utilization offers important economical advantages.

Next to waste oil, scrap tires, shredded tires, well as shredded wood, synthetic materials,and oil saturated mineral substances are suitable waste or secondary fuels. Possible alternative fuels are available in large quantities and at a favorable price. They can be disposed in the high temperature process of the rotary kiln systems of cement plants without any risk. There is neither a danger of inadmissible environmental pollution like toxic emissions nor a reduction of the quality of the cement.

BEUMER Group has developed a special technology for the utilization of alternative fuels in the high temperature process of rotary kilns which has proven its viability in a large number of installations supplied to the cement industry. Due to the continuous improvement of this technology using the important experience gained a standard of high quality and reliability could be achieved.

Apart from scrap tires there is also a strong requirement for the thermal utilization of rubber shreds as well as other complementary combustibles which are mostly shredded such a synthetic materials, wood or oil saturated substances, mineral materials from the food industry and waste oil regeneration.

Therefore, modern concepts aim at a flexible use with a quick adjustment to the different types of fuels. Thus the user has the advantage of adjusting his energy balance with regard to the costs always to the present market situation.

The BEUMER Group system technology is designed to meet these particular demands of construction and functionality. Due to the modular design of all construction groups and system components, each project can be individually planned with regard to capacity requirements.

For more than two decades BEUMER Group has gained experience in the development of systems for the burning of secondary fuels and during this period a large number of projects has been realized. Knowledge, supplies, and engineering services are part of the support when dealing with BEUMER Group. Experience as well as the continuous development in the field of the energetic utilization of solid waste fuels have led to the demand for an exploitation of all products offered in this market.