Automated Container
Handling System

The Automated Container Handling System transports loaded ULDs between destinations in the airport. Additionally, it diverts empty ULDs for parking or maintenance with no manual lifting and minimal operator intervention.

The system is configured as a single isolated loop or as a number of interconnected loops over multiple building levels. Furthermore, the system is controlled by management software which communicates wirelessly, and in real time, with each ULD carrier. The destination, position and progress of each carrier are constantly tracked to provide 100 % traceability of each ULD.

BEUMER Automated Container Handling System

Automating the container handling process provides enhanced quality by reducing the incident rate (IR) and increases productivity and process reliability. Airport security is also increased by reducing the number of times that the bags are handled manually.

  • High-efficiency transportation of ULD containers
  • Real-time wireless communication between the carrier and the management system
  • 100 % accurate track-and-trace of each container
  • Modular system enables single or interconnected loop systems
  • Lift allows operation over multiple building levels
  • Includes parking and maintenance areas
  • Suitable for all types of containers